AHD Cameras




At TMB we are offering a wide range of bullet and dome AHD cameras.

The CCTV camera is Analog High Definition Closed-Circuit Television Video Camera which mostly uses RG59 or RG56 coax cables (the same as in traditional analogue systems) to transmit a signal from the surveillance camera to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). These cameras are highly recommended by our specialists as well as professional CCTV installers as the signal is transmitted over long distances (up to 800 feet) without video loss. If you want to use the camera for distances of more than 800 feet, the UTP and CAT5 cables are to be used.

Our AHD cameras support both 720p and 1080p HD video resolutions and are presented in white, black and grey colours. Please note that AHD cameras should be used with AHD compatible DVRs if you want to create a kit by yourself or please check on our already mixed and matched by our specialists CCTV DIY kits.

When you already own Analogue cameras and want to add some additional AHD ones, you can mix them and get a hybrid AHD DVR from us which supports both formats.

At TMB we are trying to make your shopping experience as easy and comfortable as possible Therefore, if you have any questions regarding the AHD cameras or are unsure as to whether they are the right choice for you, please contact our specialists and they would be happy to assist you.



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