At TMB we are aiming to make the CCTV surveillance system installation process as simple as possible. Therefore, we provide a wide range of the PSUs (Power Supply Units), crimping as well as testing tools, CCTV microphones, camera cages, cables and connectors.

If you are installing the CCTV DYI security kit bought from us or are already the lucky owner of our DVRs and CCTV cameras, you will require appropriate tools in order to complete the wiring and to test the system. Our TMB specialists have tested all of them and can guarantee you the highest quality at a fairly cheap price. Moreover, these tools got the highest marks from our customers (including professional CCTV systems installers). All our products are approved by the RoHS (The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances) and CE certification systems which show their consistency with the UK and European norms and standards.

You can also easily purchase from us individual and multi channel PSUs. You can find power supplies both for your home CCTV system and business installation. Please note, that all of our PSUs are of the highest quality and provide your system with the 12 Volts DC supply. Please remember to check on the allowance of the PSUs taking into account additional factors, such as the outside LED lights at night which will increase the load. We provide 2 and 5 AMPS (amperes) PSUs which are suitable for up to 10 cameras as well as metal boxed power supplies which are suitable for businesses. Please bear in mind that 1 Amp is 1000mA (mill amperes).

TMB also provides you with a range of the CCTV microphones, camera cages as well as various types of cables and connectors which will help you to successfully connect surveillance cameras to the chosen digital video recorders (DVRs). Please note that all of our CCTV security kits already include everything necessary for their successful work and can be found in the CCTV systems category. However, if you need any additional CCTV connectors, BNC connectors, BNC cables, CCTV extensions, or any other type of accessories, you can easily purchase them from our TMB website. 

At TMB we want to save your time and money. If you are unsure which tools or PSUs are the right ones for you, our friendly TMB specialists will be happy to assist you with all your queries. 




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