At TMB we offer a wide range of NVRs (Network Video Recorders). They provide recording and monitoring of the images captured by the network IP cameras. IP cameras and NVRs are the best solution if you want a clear, high quality image with the ability to zoom it without clarity loss which can be accessed and managed via Internet or your Local Area Network (LAN). One more great option is the ability to access the image directly through your IP camera.

Therefore, the main advantages of the NVRs are their ability to handle a vast amount of the simultaneous information, absence of the wires which connect cameras with the NVR (only power supply unit) and ability to monitor different locations in any place of the world using only one system as long as you are connected to the network.

It is, however, very important that your IP cameras match the NVR. If you are unsure which NVR is the right for you, please contact us and our friendly TMB team will be happy to assist you



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