Analogue Systems




Analogue systems are the ideal choice for home security when one location has to be monitored from a fixed position.

At TMB we offer our customers a wide range of the best quality Analogue CCTV systems at a fairly cheap price. You can choose from a range of 4, 8 or 16 channel kits. The main advantage of the analogue kit is its price and the main difference from other systems lies in the technical characteristics as the image kept by the camera will be sent in the traditional base band format over the UTO cabling or coax cable to a DVR (digital video recorder). Then the video will be digitized and stored on the hard drive. Please note that the live video can also be accessed from the network by simply downloading a free app to your phone, laptop, iPad, tablet or any other device chosen by you.

For more information or advice on the right system for you, please contact our TMB specialists.