HD-TVI Cameras



At TMB we are offering a wide range of the bullet and dome HD-TVI cameras.

HD-TVI CCTV stated for the High Definition Transport Video Interface CCTV. The main advantage of the HD-TVI camera over the Analogue and other HD systems is that it not only transmits CVBS 750hm video signal with 720p/1080p resolution at 30fps, but also audio and data signal over distances up to 500 meters without obvious quality loss. It is based on the coaxial cable for data and video transmission.

Our experience and positive feedbacks of the customers (including professional installers) show that HD-TVI systems are easier to install and  use as they don’t require special knowledge but are also more economical CCTV solution in comparison with other HD systems.

If you are still unsure whether the HD-TVI camera is the right one for you, please contact us and our friendly advisors will provide you with all the information needed.



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