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DVR -  Digital Video Recorder is the foundation of the modern video recording digital system. DVR allows us to record the video for unlimited series of tv screening without a headache. Hence, DVR breaks the boundary of video recording system. HIKVISION DVR is one of the best quality of device in the market.

The Electronic Device -  DVR can record any video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB, Flash Drive, SD Memory Card, SSD or other local networked mass storage device. Therefore, we had to suffer a lot to record a film. Nowadays it's the easiest to record by setting the timer of the Digital Video Recorder.

In 2003, many companies introduced Dual Tuner Digital Video recorder system where we can store a live video with watching another TV Series.

Type of Digital Video Recorder:

  • Integrated Television set: In this types, the device integrated into TV.
  • VESA Compatibility Device: These are designed to attach VESA Mounting hole on the back side of LCD TV set.
  • Set Top Box: These can work as stand alone device. It can broad cast live program and can record that also.
  • PC Based: The devices can turn the computer which is running in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux into Home Theater PC.

HIKVISION is one of best digital video recorder providing company since 2001. They provide two types of digital video recorder

  1.  TURBO Digital Video Recorder
  2.  Hybrid Video Recorder.