DS-2AE4223T-A3 CCTV Camera


TMB Technology stocks the latest and greatest PTZs on the market. We only purchase the world leading CCTV industry manufacturers like Hikvision, LTS and Prolux. You can get the PTZs in HD-TVI, HD-CVI and IP input type. Our most popular is the HD-TVI PTZ Cameras.

They can be purchased in a range of Resolutions, with a majority in 2MP. Their Optical zoom lens allows for 1080P imagery at any zoom. The cameras range from 10x optical zoom to 20x. For any house or property.

Smart functions and abilities:

PTZ cameras are very smart and can be set up to remember certain pan paths, they can be set to follow someone if they cross a preset line. Combined with some DVRs and NVRs, they can have facial recognition. Perfect for large areas.

No PTZ has a fixed lens.

Most PTZ cameras come in grey or white colours.

We have mounts and brackets for poles, walls, corners and ceilings.

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