CCTV Camera


Closed Circuit Television is known as CCTV Camera. It also is known as video surveillance because the video camera records the video and transmit the video signal to monitors. CCTV can work with wireless wifi network or cable network.

CCTV Camera is essential because we monitoring purpose for banks, school, hotels, bars, restaurant, home etc. We use Close Circuit Camera to specify the circumstances of weather, traffic control, employee monitoring, security maintenance for homes.

In 1942, German Engineer Walter Bruch used Closed Circuit Camera to observing the launch of V-2 Rocket. At that time, VCR used magnetic tape to store video image file and it was very hard to maintain. For that reason, VCR did not spread massively until 1970 when users got an easier way to erase or edit video images.

CCTV gave us an imperial access to monitor our business, homes, restaurants, and children also seems like a human can do. CCTV does not provide single network system where you can listen the subject and can reply back.

Uses of Closed Circuit Camera(CCTV)

  • Crime prevention
  • Industrial process
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Transport Safety
  • Sporting Event