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IP CCTV network surveillance systems

TMB Technology is an expert in the design and installation of IP CCTV Cameras. In fact, our reputation for installing IP surveillance systems across the UK and Europe means your security is in the best hands.

We use market-leading IP CCTV systems to ensure seamless integration with existing IT applications and policies — something that we are very proud to supply. Our network-based CCTV systems provide reduced running costs, increased flexibility, choice of video analytics and great picture quality.

What Is an IP CCTV Camera?

Traditional CCTV systems use analogue links to connect cameras to the control station and DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

However, wireless or IP CCTV systems seamlessly link cameras, control stations and NVRs together on an IP (Internet Protocol) network. IP networks are traditionally IT-based, and IP connections are made over a CAT5 or CAT6 data cable network. This system can be easily integrated with any existing IP network resources; for example, the company LAN, WAN (router) and broadband connections.

An IP CCTV system enables easy access to video data from networked cameras and can be accessed remotely from home or anywhere in the world, on any device with an internet connection, including mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers. Digital footage can be quickly reviewed by local or external sources, such as monitoring station staff or the police. You do not need to attend a site to interrogate a tape-based system to a specific point, as the systems can search for motion detection, or specific and dangerous behaviour patterns.

IP CCTV camera systems are fast-replacing analogue systems, with TMB Technology experts in the installation and planning of IP systems and service. Rest assured that we have successfully migrated many analogue systems to an IP-based infrastructure — view our case studies for just a few high-profile examples.

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