Indoor/Outdoor up to 3km Wireless bridge

CDS-EasyIP eco is an economical solution for simple installation in demanding conditions. Installation of CDS-EasyIP eco does not require advanced knowledge or additional equipment (no computer configuration), which significantly reduces the cost and time of the installer.

Easy configuration

Starting up CDS-EasyIP eco does not require setting a number of parameters, just select the operating mode and channel number (no computer). The system transparently transmits the signal from the IP cameras regardless of the IP address of the cameras or the DVR.

3km with 57Mbps transmission (99.98% picture frames uploaded)

CDS-EasyIP eco implements transmission of 100% image frames at distances of up to 2.5km and at a distance of 3km loses only 0.02% of image with continuous HD transmission at 57 Mbps.

Transmission continuity with high bitrate

A very important parameter in high-definition video transmission is transmission continuity with high transmission speed. The CDS-EasyIP eco system with VideoBridge guarantees priority of video, PTZ, audio and data control. Then, with lowe priority is transfers so called Internet data.

Point-to-Multipoint mode

CDS-EasyIP eco works on 16 independent wireless channels including 4 free European channels (CE). Up to 64 IP cameras can be used in one installation (16 cameras in EU).

Up to 12 IP cameras with one link

CDS-EasyIP eco transmits PTZ image and PTZ control at 57Mbps for 3km and up to 1km for 95.6Mbps. At low distances, you can stream even up to 12 Full HD cameras. In the case of shorter distance there may be even more cameras. When choosing a wireless system, remember to check the frequency occupancy at the facility. And the fact that the image transmission must be continuous at constant speed.

Full HD and 4K

CDS-EasyIP eco supports IP cameras with very high resolutions of 10-12Mpix.




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