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Prolux CCTV Dome Camera 1080P – Fixed Lens 3.6mm / PXC-610F2W


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ProluX CCTV Dome Camera 1080P – Fixed Lens 3.6mm

  • IP66 Weatherproofing – Night Vision, and Exceptional Long Distance Transmit. 
  • Easy DIY Installation Offers Simplicity and Convenience. 
  • External (Default) /Auto /Colour / White & Black (Switched by OSD)
  • 730 days One hundred percent money-back guarantee.

ProluX CCTV Dome Camera 1080P – Fixed Lens 3.6mm

Main features

    • First of all the Prolux CCTV Dome Camera is HDTVI 1080P Resolution.
    • Record your videos with 1/2.7” CMOS Sensor provided by Sony Official.
    • This is the camera with 3.6mm Fixed Lens.
    • This camera is including IR 30M Night Vision feature so you can have the good quality night footages as a result.
    • Also because of IP66 Weatherproof protection level, your camera will be safe against water and dust.

You can have the Prolux CCTV Dome Camera is in the Highest Quality Standards for Durability against Rain, Dust, and Snow.

Model NumberPXC-610-F2W
Image Device2.4MP (Megapixel) CMOS Sensor
Lens3.6mm Fixed Lens
Viewing Angle82.6°
IR Distance20m Night Vision
Camera TypeExternal / Internal Turret
Camera ConnectionTVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS
Usable Illumination0.01 LUX
Power SourceDC12V(+/-10%)250mA


  • ▶ [Coaxial Audio/Upgrade/Alarm] The integrated design can reduce wiring troubles which makes it much more cost-effective and convenient for installation for sure.

  • ▶ [POS Functionality] This function includes POS ticket information overlay and search which can be widely used in retail programs as a result. It is a typical technology being used in a variety of applications for searching or identification of individuals.

Zero-Risk Purchase

730 days One hundred percent money-back guarantee. We will refund you immediately if you are not satisfied with our product even more.

Protection Classification IP 66

First of all The protection classification offered by an enclosure is shown by the letter IP (Ingress Protection) and two digits so as a result The first digit indicates two factors:

  1. Protection for persons
  1. Protection for equipment

Hence the second digit indicates the protection against water.

First digit: 6

Protection for equipment:

Protection against a wire touching dangerous parts.
Definition:A body 1.0 mm in diameter must not be able to enter.
Test conditions:The accessing probe is pushed against every opening of the enclosure with a certainly standardised force or is inserted through the opening.
Conditions for acceptance:The protection also is satisfactory if a sufficient distance between the accessing probe and dangerous parts is kept as a result.
Protection for persons:

Sealed against Dust.
Definition:Dust must not enter at all for sure.
Test conditions:above all The test is carried out in a dust chamber in which talcum powder is being kept suspended in the air by means of a dust distributor or similar device therefore The enclosure which is being tested is placed in the test chamber hence a vacuum pump keeps the pressure in the enclosure below the atmospheric pressure of the environment according to the standard.
Conditions for acceptance:The protection is satisfactory if there is no visible dust deposit within the enclosure after completion of the test consequently.

Second digit: 6

Protection Against Water:

Protection against Powerful Water Jet.
Definition:Also a strong water jet directed at the enclosure from any direction must not have any harmful effects.
Test conditions:A jet nozzle with an inside diameter of 12.5mm splashes a volume flow of 100 litres per minute from a distance of 2.5 – 3 metres from all sides onto the enclosure certainly. The test time is 3 minutes consequently.
Conditions for acceptance:Above all Should water have penetrated, it must not:
– be present in quantities which impair the good working order of the operating material or represent a safety hazard;
– deposit on non-conducting parts where it could lead to creep currents consequently.
– come in contact with live parts or coils which are unsuitable for operating in wet conditions.
– collect near the wire end or possibly penetrate the wire even more.

Important Bullet Points:

  • Above all The protection classifications given for the enclosures refer to un-machined standard enclosures as supplied.
  • So as the tests to show protection classifications certainly take no account of ageing so the maintenance of the protection classification throughout the lifetime of the equipment is not guaranteed.



HD-TVI stands for high definition transport video interface and is a format that allows high definition image transmission and recording over distances of up to 500 metres (cable dependent).

The format adopts the same plug and play installation methods as traditional analogue systems and can use the same coax or CAT5 cable infrastructure allowing easy system upgrading.

It is also extremely cost effective and offers a big cost saving over an equivalent IP system.

  • 1080P video transmission & recording
  • Plug & play installation
  • Uses conventional coax & CAT5 cable infrastructure


Upgrading your standard definition system to HD-TVI can be done with minimal cost and fuss as HD-TVI uses the same cable infrastructure and plug and play installation techniques as SD analogue. Upgrading is as easy as simply replacing your standard definition for HD-TVI and plugging it in. As all Hikvision TVI DVRs support standard definition analogue cameras and HD-TVI cameras you are able to upgrade the system gradually allowing you to leave some SD analogue cameras operational whilst others are upgraded to HD-TVI.

  • Cost is comparable to standard definition technology
  • Use existing cable infrastructure
  • Tribrid DVR supports TVI, analogue and IP



HD-TVI is capable of transmitting and recording images up to 1080P (1920 x 1080) HD resolution giving a performance comparable to an IP system and up to 4x higher than a traditional standard definition analogue system.



HD-TVI is the most cost effective high definition solution on the market giving you an approximate 25% saving on an equivalent IP system and at an equivalent cost to an inferior standard definition analogue system.


  • HD-TVI offers a full HD image over extensive transmission distances without loss or latency often seen with other formats.
  • HD-TVI offers coaxial telemetry allowing camera OSD menu access and PTZ control through your coaxial or CAT5 video cable.
  • All HD-TVI recorders are tribrid allowing connection of HD-TVI, SD analogue or IP camera technology.


All HD-TVI recorders are network ready for streaming locally or remotely on your smart phone, PC, MAC, or tablet. TMB Technology offers a free initial network setup service on all TVI recorders purchased from us.


  • HD-TVI has the potential to revolutionise the industry becoming the next industry standard for installers.
  • The format is so impressive and has so many positive features it is very difficult to give a reason not to install it.
  • Coax and CAT5 cable compatible
  • Cheaper than IP systems
  • HD 1080P images
  • Plug & play installation
  • OSD menu and PTZ control through coaxial video cable
  • Vast range of cameras, bracketry and DVRs
  • Network ready with free setup service from TMB Technology.

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Max Resolution

2.1MP (1080P)

Night Vision

20 Metres


Dome Cameras


Base White

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