1. System Setup and Configuration

To make sure your IP CCTV camera is properly set up if you require an expert to help you do the physical part of the installation. We can offer advice on experts who can help with your installation and configuration setup. However, this is based on your location.

  1. System Health Checks

If you have an existing IP-based CCTV system but it is not working as required, we can offer to perform a system health check and provide recommendations as to how to achieve improvements. Of course, we can help you with implementing the improvements as well.

If your IP CCTV system is not working as expected, we can help by performing a system help check on your device. We will conduct our system checks and offer or recommend an independent advice or solutions to you. We are also happy to help implement the required solution.

  1. Training

We don’t just leave you or your staff after installing our IP CCTV systems we do provide training to users and administrators for all the product that we sell

  1. Support Contracts

We Help in providing support Contracts to IP CCTV systems both on site and of the site. This is based on your business requirement.

  1. Installation

If you are looking for a complete solution, we can provide an independent advice on system design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and support, including infrastructure cabling and networking as well as system integration. Contact us for a chat to see where we can come in.

  1. Hosted Video Services

We can provide webcam streaming services for businesses in the leisure and tourism sector who want to promote their businesses via their website. Also, we can support construction firms and property development businesses who require IP CCTV on site to monitor their project.